My coach SIGRUN, Europe’s leading business mentor is gifting 12 powerful masterclasses to you!

12 brilliant masterclasses about business topics from December 25th to January 5th.

I’ll give you a 13th masterclass on top:

How to easily create your first online course in a Facebook group.



    Can You Actually Create A Six Figure Online Business In One Year?

    Why does it work for some and not for others? In this masterclass we dive into the mindset and actions that successful women entrepreneurs use every day- no matter what's going on in the world around them.


    How To Transform Your Knowledge & Expertise Into A Thriving Online Business

    Do you already know something that could be turned into an online business? Perhaps even that favourite subject of yours! In this masterclass we explore how to turn what you know, or your expertise and experience into a profitable online business.


    Create An Online Offer That Sells Like Hot Cakes In Any Economy

    In this masterclass I will cover the little-known secrets of making sales no matter the economic circumstances, so you aren’t tempted to discount your offers, or even stop selling completely!


    How To Go From Selling To 1:1 Clients To Selling To Many

    In this masterclass I will show you how to break free from the time-for-money trap, with the easy steps to go from selling 1:1 to selling group programs & masterminds. You’ll make more money, with less work AND serve your clients even better.


    Explode Your Email List with the Ultimate Freebie

    The foundation of every online business is an active and growing email list. In this masterclass we explore that the best way to get people to sign up for your email is to have an irresistible freebie that is so good that people would love to pay for it.


    Unleash Your Online Business Potential with AI

    Learn how to use artificial intelligence to 10x your productivity when it comes to creating and editing content and courses. This masterclass will equip you with an AI toolkit and strategies to grow a successful online business.


    The Truth About Multiple & Passive Revenue Streams

    For many years the ‘holy grail’ of the online coaching industry has been to achieve multiple and passive revenue streams… but what does this really mean and how does this actually work? And what is an ‘evergreen funnel’? In this masterclass I give you the inside scoop.


    How To Plan One Month Of Content & Social Media… in 60 Minutes

    In this masterclass you will discover my tips for getting original content planned quickly – for blog posts, social media, video, podcast and much much more.


    From Zero To Multiple Seven Figures - The Truths That Nobody Tells You

    In this masterclass I will take you behind the scenes of my multiple 7 figure online business and show the real facts about how it works, how it all started and where it is going. I’ll be revealing all about my mistakes and my successes.


    Morning Routines & Mindset You Need For Online Business Success

    Discover the uncommon mindsets, beliefs, habits (and even my surprising morning routine) that have helped me to grow a successful online business.


    Find The Perfect Online Course Idea In Less Than An Hour

    Wondering what you can make your online course about? And how can you ensure that the online course will be a success? Join this masterclass for the fastest way to figure out the best online course idea.


    The Ultimate Masterclass - Stepside the Mistakes and Get the Right Strategies

    Discover the common mistakes that can stall your online business growth and learn actionable strategies to dodge them. This is the ultimate masterclass to guide you to navigating the highs and lows of entrepreneurship.

    13 MY BONUS Masterclass on January 6th:

    How to easily create your first online course in a Facebook group.

    I will show you how to set up a face book group, create group rules, develop your guides for the lessons, upload your content, invite clients, how to keep the group engaged,...


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