Have you ever wondered how artists mix colors to make beautiful paintings? Well, today, we’re going to learn how to draw a simple color wheel using just three colors: yellow, blue, and red. It’s going to be a colorful adventure, so get ready to explore the world of colors with us! This easy and fun activity will teach us how colors mix and how artists use them to make their art special. So, get your pencils ready, and let’s start this colorful adventure together!

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Simple color fundamentals

Imagine a big, bright wheel, like a rainbow in a circle. This is the color wheel, and it’s a very useful tool for artists. It shows us all the different colors and how they can be friends with each other. Let’s dive in and explore!

PRIMARY COLORS – The Superheroes of colors

The primary colors are like the main characters in a story. They are super important because you can’t make them by mixing other colors. They are the starting point for all the other colours on the wheel.

Primary Colors

Red: Think of a fire truck or a ripe apple. Red is a really strong color that can make you feel excited and full of energy. It’s like the color of passion and power.

Blue: Picture the ocean on a calm day or the sky on a clear afternoon. Blue is a peaceful and relaxing colour. It often makes us feel calm and stable, like sitting by a quiet lake.

Yellow: Imagine the sun shining bright or a field of sunflowers. Yellow is a happy and bright color. It’s full of cheer and can make us feel like smiling.


Secondary colors are like the friends made by primary colors. They are created when you mix two primary colors together.

Green: Think about the leaves on trees or a grassy field. Green is made by mixing blue and yellow. It’s the color of nature and growth. Green often makes us think of things that are alive and growing.

Orange: Picture a pumpkin or a sunset. Orange is made by mixing red and yellow. It’s a really lively colour that is full of energy and fun. It reminds us of excitement and creativity.

VIOLET: Imagine a bunch of grapes or a royal cloak. Violet or purple is made by mixing red and blue. It’s a colour that is often linked to royalty and luxury. Violet makes us think of something special and rich.

Secondary Colors


TERTIARY COLORS: The Amazing Mixes

Tertiary colors are like the next set of friends in the color story. These colors are made when you mix a primary color with a secondary color. There are six of these colors.

For example:

Red-Orange: This is like mixing the excitement of red with the fun of orange. It’s a color you might see in a blazing sunset.

Blue-Green: This one mixes the calmness of blue with the freshness of green. It’s like the color of the ocean in a tropical paradise.

Each of these colors can tell its own story and make our drawings and paintings really special.

Tertiary Colors


Understanding the color wheel helps us create wonderful art.
Have fun playing with these colors and see what amazing art you can create!


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