Are you finding it tough to get really dark black areas in your animal drawings with pastels?


I’ve got some tips for you! Today, I’ll share three amazing types of black that make your animal portraits pop with depth and contrast. These blacks are even darker than what you get with pastel pencils.

The Best Blacks for Pastel Animal Portraits

1. Rembrandt Soft Pastel Stick

This is from Royal Talens, and it’s perfect for large black areas in your drawings. It’s super dark and really stands out.2. Pitt Charcoal from Faber-Castell (Hard version)

This charcoal pencil is awesome for deep dark black hairs, strokes, and small areas. You can sharpen this sharper and use it for fine lines.
3. Cretacolor Graphite 6B Leads

These are like thick, dark pencil leads. They’re great for adding detailsGraphite lead on a lead holder Can be sharpened through a sharpener or a knife

I‘ll show you how these blacks work differently and why they’re great. For example, when you use the Pitt pastel pencil and blend it, it looks black, but it’s more like dark gray compared to the others.

In my Animal Art Club, I teach using the black Pitt pastel pencil, and it’s great for beginners. But if you want to take your drawings up a notch, try the Rembrandt stick or the Cretacolor leads. They give you a much deeper, truer black. You can also use the Pitt charcoal for fine lines, and it’s perfect for adding shadows and details. The Rembrandt stick is more for bigger areas, but you can still use it for lines with a light touch.

To show the difference, I’ll do a quick test with another black color, the Carbothello Stabilo black, and compare it with our blacks. You’ll see how much darker and deeper the blacks are.

Watch here:


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Putting It All Together in Drawings

I’ll demonstrate how to use these blacks in a few drawings, like adding deeper shadows in an eye study or making fur look more realistic. Using these different blacks, you can create amazing depth and contrast in your animal portraits.
I hope these tips help you choose the right blacks for your drawings. If you have questions, just ask in the comments.
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