Are you struggling with drawing a cat nose with pastel pencils? Do you find it hard to get the cat nose to look right, or to make it look realistic? If your cat nose drawings look flat, I have some dos and don’ts that could help. By following these tips, you can create a beautiful, realistic cat nose that pops up and shows a 3D effect. It will have nice contrast and won’t look flat like a graphic.

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Before You Start: Download the Beginners Guide

Before we start, I encourage you to download my free beginners guide. It’s full of tips and tricks for starting to draw realistic animal portraits with pastel pencils. You can find the link below.

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Getting the Shape Right

When drawing a cat nose, make sure it has the right outline and shape. I’ll show you how not to draw a cat nose and how to fix it. Many beginners draw the nose like a triangle with straight lines for nostrils. But I encourage you to look closely at a reference photo. The top line of the nose should be rounded and go downwards at the top. The nostrils should be little round lines that make a curve.

Adding Shadows and Highlights

Also, add shadows and highlights to bring in contrast and make the nose pop up. Use a paper stamp to blend colors, and add different colors like brown for shadows. By drawing some dots, you can create texture and a 3D effect. Adding white dots on top can help make the skin structure on the cat nose.

Avoiding Flatness: Blending and Layering

To avoid your cat nose looking flat, make sure you’re not just drawing with one color and adding black for the nostrils. You need to blend and create soft transitions. Make sure the outlines are correct, add shadows and highlights, and build the nose up in layers. This will help your cat nose look realistic, not like a graphic.

Conclusion and Tips for Future Drawings


I hope these tips help you with your future drawings. Don’t forget to grab the beginner’s guide for more advice!