Welcome to this drawing lesson, perfect for anyone eager to learn how to draw the mane of a Spanish stallion. This guide will walk you through the steps I use to build up the layers for a realistic look.

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Drawing the Mane

In today’s lesson from the Animal Art Club, we start with cellos and pit pastel pencils, focusing on red browns. I begin with the midtone, plotting in orange and red browns for the base layer on the forelock. Using sanguine, an orange-brown, I plot in a thin base layer where the mane shows lighter orange highlights.

Deepening the Shadows

I then bring in deep, dark black shadow areas with a soft pastel stick from Rembrandt. This adds depth and dimension to the mane, creating a vivid portrayal of dark and light. Adding a bit of grays and caput mortuum, blue, and violets.

Blending for Realism

Blending is crucial. It’s better to use gloves to avoid transferring oils to the portrait, and blend the base layer with a paper stamp. This tool is great for smoothing out edges and integrating colors seamlessly. I also sponger. applicators or cotton swabs to blend.

Building Hair Texture

To create the hair structure of the mane, I build up layers using various colors. I go back over the hair with sanguine and other red browns, darkening down shadow areas with my favorite black tool from Rembrandt. I prefer to work with the Pitt Pastel Pencils because they are harder and good for fine lines, but I also work with CarbOthello and Rembrand Soft Pastel Sticks!

Final Touches

Lastly, I add highlights with light gray and white, drawing thin, curvy lines that overlap and cross. This technique brings life and movement to the mane, making it appear more realistic and dynamic.

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