If you find it difficult to draw fine, thin whiskers, I will show you here in this video how to do that. I will draw whiskers of a sweet little squirrel.

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Drawing Tutorial

Let’s draw the whiskers. Let’s take a very sharp black with a very sharp point and then use very little pressure and move the pencil very fast. Let’s draw on the right side these black whiskers. Draw as a bow downwards like this with very little pressure, and then one and another one, and another one, and then here another one, and one that is a bit crossing.

Enhancing Whiskers

On the left side, we have white whiskers but also black ones. Let’s draw here in the middle a black one a little bit here.

Go over again with some little hairs and then do it again with less pressure and rotate the pencils a bit, so now it’s much better.


You can always make some corrections if you need here and there some. So, I hope you liked drawing this little sweet guy. I hope you had fun and enjoyed the drawing lesson and my introduction and explaining step by step. Please show us your results then in our community. I’m very curious to see your amazing little sweet squirrels. I hope you had fun and have enjoyed it!

This was an insight into one of our drawing lessons inside my membership, Animal Art Club. I hope these tips are helpful for you to create fine whiskers. If you would like to draw the whole lesson, then join Animal Art Club. You can find the link to join below in the description or join the waitlist.

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