In this YouTube video, I show you how to draw an owl’s eye using orange and brown colors. We start by coloring around the pupil with a darker circle using brown. This makes the eye look more interesting.

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Adding Depth with Dark Colors

We add another layer of color, making it darker with black and dark brown. This helps make tiny lines that look very detailed. We also use a color called raw umber to make the top part of the iris and the edge look darker, which makes the eye appear deeper.

Blending for Realism

After adding the dark colors, we blend them together. We use a paper stamp to mix the orange with the other colors gently. This helps everything look smooth and natural.

Highlights in the Eye

We also work on the shiny parts of the eye, the highlights. We use dark blue for the area where the light shines and add little white dots to make it sparkle. Light blue and cold gray help make the bottom part of the highlight look bright, like it’s reflecting light.

Creating Shadows

We use black to make certain parts of the eye look shadowy, especially under the eyebrow and around the pupil. This makes the eye look more real because it shows where the light doesn’t hit.

Drawing Feathers and Details Around the Eye

Last, we draw feathers around the eye. We use white and a color called ivory to create a base layer. Then, we add black to make shadows and details, like the dark spots above the eye and near the ear. We carefully blend these colors to keep everything looking natural.

Finishing Touches

To finish, we add more details to the feathers with ivory and white, making strokes that look like real feathers. We also add black lines in the middle of the feathers for more detail. Finally, we use light gray for soft touches around the eye, making everything come together.

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