Start drawing or refine your animal portrait in pastels!


You’ve always wanted to draw realistic animal portraits, but are convinced…

  • … that only others can draw such realistic portraits, you have not enough talent?

  • … you are not able to draw such realistic animal portraits without any previous knowledge? 

  • … your fur looks like a child’s drawing?

What if I can convince you of the opposite?

Or is the following true for you?

  • Do you have a dream to draw realistic animal portraits by yourself and you would like to start, but don’t know how to do that?

  • Just started and would like to improve your drawing technique?

  • You have no idea how to draw realistic fur instead of wild strokes?

  • You are struggling with details.

  • You are not really satisfied with your results, something is missing in your portraits?

  • Would you like to sell your art and make money from it? 

  • You would like to refine your artwork to sell your art and attract more clients?

What if we change that?

Are you curious? Then register right away! 

In 3 days you will learn how easy it is to start drawing or refine your animal portraits in pastel.

That’s a promise!


You’ll learn:

  • What materials are helpful for your pastel drawings

  • what possibilities there are for drawing the outlines/sketch

  • how to draw BROWN FUR

  • how to draw a CAT NOSE

  • How to draw a beautiful realistic DOG EYE.

  • some really great tips and tricks

  • All video tutorials and webinar recordings will be available until September, 15th 2022.  So you can catch up on everything if you ever couldn’t be there.

You get for USD $ 0 :

  • 1 video tutorial as an all-round look at drawing with pastels, so that you have the overview and know what is important.

  • 1 Video lesson: BROWN FUR

  • 1 Video lesson: How to draw a CAT NOSE

  • 1 LIVE DRAWING WORKSHOP: How to draw a DOG EYE! Together in Zoom + Q & A

  • 2 additional LIVE meetings with Q & A

After this workshop you will have seen how easy it is to draw realistic fur, an eye or a nose, you will have drawn some cool works with which you can please your friends, your family and of course yourself!

YES, I’m in!


    Bring your dream of realistic animal portraits to life!

    Hey there!

    My name is Sabine Lackner and I’m an animal artist, creating lifelike animal portraits in pastels and I serve and help all animal enthusiasts, who want to dive into this amazing world of animal art.

    I help animal enthusiasts and artists who want to draw their own animal portraits in pastels, but have self doubts, are overwhelmed, feel stuck and don’t know where to start, to get started with a clear path and instructions in my drawing courses to transform into confident artists who are proud to show and even sell their artwork.

    I draw with much love, passion, perseverance and patience, lifelike animal portraits.

    Stroke by stroke, realistic drawings are created with horses, dogs, cats, yes pets of all kinds. The fascination of wild animals also does not let me go.

    It is very close to my heart to draw the beloved four-legged friends as lifelike as possible, and to capture the essence of the animals, to reflect their personal character. As they say, “The eyes are the gates to the soul”, so the eyes are very important to me in every portrait.