I want to speak about Derwent tinted charcoal pencils. They are colored charcoal pencils with beautiful natural colors like browns, brown greens, green blues, and so on. You can draw with them in combination with pastel pencils, which works really well!

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    Exploring Derwent Tinted Charcoal Pencils

    Here, I have a set of Derwent tinted charcoals.

    These are colored charcoal pencils that come in a set of 24, and they are amazing. This set includes a variety of beautiful colors, from white to yellows, flesh tones, violets, greens, browns, blues, and different shades of black charcoal pencils. These colored charcoal pencils are fantastic to use in addition to pastel pencils because of their beautiful earth colors, which are perfect for animal portraits.

    Using Derwent Tinted Charcoal Pencils

    I want to show you a bit of how you can draw with these pencils together with pastel pencils. Let’s try them out. Here we have the Derwent charcoal medium, which is black.

    It is soft, has a medium color abrasion, and creates a nice black stain.

    It’s a beautiful, very dark brown, very useful in animal portraits.

    I like to combine different browns like burnt umber, mist, and driftwood. Burnt umber is also a dark brown, mist is a beautiful chocolate brown, and driftwood is a more greenish brown. These different shades of brown and green are perfect for creating realistic animal fur.

    Drawing with Different Colors

    Derwent tinted charcoal pencils also come in a variety of green shades, such as peat and green moss, which are very dark greens. There are also bluish pencils like ocean deep, which is a blue-black, and other shades like turquoise, forest pine, mountain blue, and slate. These colors show up beautifully on pastel paper.

    There are also flesh colors like sunset pink, which is a bit pinkish, and glowing embers, which is more violet or lavender. These colors are great for adding subtle details to your animal portraits. Additionally, the set includes yellows and a white charcoal pencil, perfect for highlights and lighter areas.

    Practical Demonstration

    Let’s draw a clump of fur using burnt earth for an underpainting. The brown charcoal is soft, allowing you to create a nice smooth underpainting that can be blended with a paper stump for a soft transition. Adding dark black strokes can create fine hairs, and combining these with white or sand-colored strokes adds highlights.

    Combining these charcoals with pastel pencils, like the Pitt pastel pencil for dark black lines or fine highlights, works really well.

    The tinted charcoal pencils allow for fine details, whether you use light pressure for fine lines or more pressure for thicker lines. They are versatile for creating different marks, blending, and layering.


    I hope this is inspiring and motivates you to test out Derwent tinted charcoals. They have beautiful natural colors that match well with pastel pencils.

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