In this YouTube video, I speak about Pitt pastel pencils from Faber Castell. These are not just any pastel pencils; they’re my personal favorites, and I use them extensively in my animal portraits and during the drawing lessons I offer in my Animal Art Club.



The Variety of Pitt Pastel Pencil

I showcase a set of 60 in my video. You’ll see that these pencils are available in various sets, and you can purchase them individually or in sets of 12, 24, 36, or the complete range of 60 colors. In the video, I unbox them from their elegant metal case and walk you through the stunning array of colors – from vibrant yellows, blues, and greens to delicate pinks, violets, flesh skin tones, and a spectrum of browns, ochres, grays, dark blue, and black.



Why They’re My Favorites

I explain in the video why I love these pastel pencils. Their harder lead, distinct from other brands, allows for exquisite detail in animal portraits. I demonstrate the best methods for sharpening them, either using a craft knife or a metallic sharpener, to achieve those fine lines that are so crucial for detailed work.

👉 Watch how to sharpen you Pastel Pencil here


For Fine Details

Their harder lead makes them ideal for drawing fine details. If you’re looking to add precision to your artwork, I showcase in the video why Pitt Pastel Pencils are the perfect choice.

Brilliant Colors and High Quality

Join me in the video as I explore their brilliant colors and high-quality. These pencils are age-resistant and versatile, suitable for various pastel surfaces. I specifically demonstrate how they perform on Pastelmat paper from Clairefontaine, emphasizing why this combination yields the best results.

👉 Watch Pastelmat Paper Test


Understanding Light Fastness

I also discuss the importance of lightfastness in the video. You’ll see me pointing out the stars on the pencils, which indicate their lightfastness. This is crucial for works you intend to sell or display, ensuring longevity and color fidelity.


Concluding Thoughts

If you’re considering investing in pastel pencils and are uncertain about the brand, my video will guide you through why Pitt Pastel Pencils are a phenomenal choice. Their ability to produce detailed and vibrant artworks is something I passionately share in the video, hoping to inspire and guide you in your artistic journey.

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