• how to draw GOLDEN YELLOW FUR

    • how to draw A DOG NOSE

    • how to draw a BEAUTIFUL BLUE CAT EYE

    • about my 5 STEPS FRAMEWORK  “How to create successful realistic animal portraits”


    …you want to start drawing animal portraits in pastels.

    …you would like to refine your drawing skills.

    …you want to try a new technique.

    This online drawing workshop runs from December 4th  to December 6th 2023 (3 days).

    The lessons are every day at 8 PM Central European Time (UTC+1)
    You can also watch the RECORDING afterwards!

    Participate the workshop  for $ 0,–


      Bring your dream of realistic animal portraits to life!

      Hey there!

      My name is Sabine Lackner and I’m an animal artist, creating lifelike animal portraits in pastels and I serve and help all animal enthusiasts, who want to dive into this amazing world of animal art.

      I help animal enthusiasts and artists who want to draw their own animal portraits in pastels, but have self doubts, are overwhelmed, feel stuck and don’t know where to start, to get started with a clear path and instructions in my drawing courses to transform into confident artists who are proud to show and even sell their artwork.

      I draw with much love, passion, perseverance and patience, lifelike animal portraits.

      Stroke by stroke, realistic drawings are created with horses, dogs, cats, yes pets of all kinds. The fascination of wild animals also does not let me go.

      It is very close to my heart to draw the beloved four-legged friends as lifelike as possible, and to capture the essence of the animals, to reflect their personal character. As they say, “The eyes are the gates to the soul”, so the eyes are very important to me in every portrait.